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What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction

Often I get asked "What is Paint Correction?" Paint Correction is the Term used for the proper removal of Paint defects such as Swirls, Scratches, oxidation, etc renewing the surface of the paint to give it more gloss and a crisper reflection. Some defects occur with improper Washing & Drying techniques, others are caused by Body shops and untrained "Detailers" using Rotary Buffers and Wool pads. Here is an example of a car that has always been "Hand Washed" since the owners have had the car. They thought that they were doing good as they only hand washed the car, but you can clearly see that over time using dirty wash mitt, and drying with bath towels can add up over time, causing all the light scratches seen in the pics above.


Click on the picture below to see the transformation of this M3

Click the picture below to see the transformation of this 911 carrera

Click the picture below to see the transformation of this SL63 AMG

Here are some quick videos showing what a Level 1 Paint Correction looks like

Here is a video showing an 18 hour Extreme detail 


Exterior Detailing and Paint Correction Prices 

Level 1-   Quick Polish/ surface prep $400-$500 

This is just to enhance gloss and prep the surface for Ceramic coatings,  although some correction to light marring and swirls will be achieved


Level 2-  Cut, polish, and Seal $600-$800 

This will correct light to medium swirls and some deeper scratches and defects 


Level 3 Multiple compound and polish steps $800-$1000

This is a in-depth paint correction,  More time is spent on each panel reaching for as much correction as possible while preserving the 

thickness and health of the clear coat. 



Ceramic Coatings

Here at Tru Shine we offer a wide variety of Ceramic Coatings.  Our Goal is to provide the best Protection to Preserve your vehicle. 

In order for the Coating to Properly bond and perform at optimum levels, its best to wash, clay and polish the surface before the coating is appiled. 

please check our Ceramic Coating page for more pricing and info.








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